Aug 7, 2012

May 30, 2012

More Powder Coating Done

Here are two sets of brake rods, Ruckstell shifter rod, and other bits back from powder coating.  Yes, I realize they are too glossy.  Not shown is the early Hall-Scott shifter, which looks really nice as well.

May 23, 2012

Magneto Drive Nut Is Done

The special nut for the magneto drive assembly is done and back from the machinist.  Here is what it looks like, with new gears from Lang's....

May 20, 2012

Linkage Clearance Issues

From the angle of this photo, I think you can already see that I am going to have clearance issues with the radius rods and the stock emergency brake rods.   Not quite sure what I am going to do, but sure looks like the arms are too short - if I am going to keep the e-brake.  Remember, when I got this car the e-brake setup had been removed altogether.  Now seeing why.  May have to fabricate new ones.....

May 11, 2012

RIP Carroll Shelby

All I can say on the day his death was announced, is to show a pinnacle of his work, the 1964 Shelby Daytona Coupe.   Ferrari killer.

Apr 17, 2012

Brake Linkage Fabrication

As discussed previously, I have a set of external brakes similar to AC brakes sold back in the day.  But I do not have the linkages.  So, will have to fabricate them.

Here is a copy of an AC advertisement, showing the linkage setup.  It will be my model as I recreate....

However, I am not really excited about the prospect of using cables.  Particularly, people accidentally stepping on them.  So I am using the following

  • 2 Model A (gasp) brake clevis
  • 2 forged turnbuckles that I found in the dirt at an antique store
  • Two additional Model T brake rods
  • A Model A (gasp) headlight mounting bracket
  • A Model A (gasp) muffler clamp
  • 3/8 inch brass bushing
  • A trimmed off Model T brake rod for the pedal
  • 5/16 steel rod bent in all sort of strange angles
  • A 5/16 24 and 5/16 18 die for threading

Here is a photo of the initial test fit

Apr 13, 2012

Ruckstell Shifter Test Fit

Received a shifter rod from Chaffin's, the shifter back from the sandblaster.  Time for a test fit prior to fabricating brake linkage...

Apr 1, 2012

More Blasted Stuff

Here is the hood back from the blaster.  Couple of small spots so thin that it perforated the metal, otherwise fine.

The real disappointment was my vintage racer gas can, which is pretty much swiss cheese and a total loss.

The jumble of sheet metal behind is what is left of a TT seat pan.  Hoping to salvage parts of that.

Note shown are brake rods, an original Ruckstell shifter, another intake manifold, and some small bits.

Sucking It Up...

Per suggestions on the MTFCA site, I used a combination of a ratcheting strap, and long bolts, to progressively  draw the driveline into the ball.   Fixed.  For first time in almost a year, it is a complete drive train from crank to rear wheels

Mar 25, 2012

Engine Goes In

What is the best thing to do for your Mom's birthday party?  Grab family members and install an engine!

It had come to the point that I was delaying tasks because the engine was not reinstalled.  So with the help of Dad, brothers, & sons, reinstalled the engine.

One small problem however.  It did not mate to the U-Joint.  Had an approximate 4 inch gap!  Whats up with THAT!?  Answer from the MFTCA forum was that I did not have the weight of the body to take the arch out of the frame.

Mar 19, 2012

Hood Located... Finally

Who would have thought it... a Ruckstell would be easier to find than a decent low hood??  But I found one in Phoenix.  Here is it ready to go to media blaster...

You might remember that I already had a nice low hood, with an annoying 4 inch hole cut right in the top!.  Plan is to remove the curved right panel and transplant it.

Another Coat Of Paint

With all the handling, assembling, disassembly, etc, the paint on the Ruckstell was a bit worn.  Had a brief instance of  warm weather, so hauled it outside.  Scrubbed it with a Scotchbrite, then a few more coats of Centari.  Here are the results

Mar 11, 2012


In the middle of all, I got to do a couple of racing related bucket list items

  • Got to visit Daytona during initial 2012 testing, before the 500.  This included 3 laps around the track at 165MPH in a race car.  Wow.
  • Got to attend the spring race in Phoenix, including time in the pits. 

It was awesome as you might imagine.  Was also awesome to see & experience cars with 30+ times the horsepower of my racer.

A Bit Of A New Direction

One of the things that had bothered me about this car was the lack of a magneto.  Earlier in this blog I had written that I wanted to put this car close to how a racer would have looked in 1922/23.  Hard to do without a magneto to run the coils

I had talked to some that suggested a 12v convertion to amp up the power to the coils.  That was not satisfactory at all to me.  In fact, it seemed to move me away further from my goal

Then this showed up.  A Matco magneto conversion.  It utilizes a Bosch DU4 magneto.  It mounts to the front of the engine.  Further, most of these take the place of the Generator.  This one allows you to retain the generator, and still have a mag - a nice hot one!

Someone took a look at this for me and said - good luck finding a drive gear.  Ack!  Did not think of that.  Turns out Langs had one, whew.  Then I find out it takes a special nut.  A special nut??  A you kidding.  That will turn out to the be the biggest adventure.  But for now, here it is.  Aint it purdy?!